Be One of the Chuzen.

You Deserve an Awesome Job

At Chuze Fitness we're a family - We promise to invest in YOU!

We love to emphasize that the skills you learn from us aren’t only specific to Chuze Fitness. Enlightened hospitality, learning to provide feedforward, organizational skills, leading a team, and attention to detail; are skills that can be utilized in any industry. It would be a privilege to enhance your life skills, even if your long-term career goals aren't with us. We're very fortunate to have many of our employee make Chuze Fitness their career vehicle. Our favorite promise to keep is to provide growth opportunities to those who work for it!

Our employees make us who we are and to be the best, we need the best! 


Free Gym Membership
Paid Holidays
Pet Insurance
Medical, Dental, & Vision
Life Insurance
Paid Time Off
Flexible Hours